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Historic Clothing Collection

Outerwear 1830-1860

Wide crinolines restricted outerwear to wraps, shawls, capes, and easy fitting garments such as a black and brown watered silk tassel trimmed cape with a similarly trimmed shoulder cape; a wide dark brown wadded coat, with an open front, gathered back waist, and voluminous matching cape trimmed with deep bands of cord knotting; a child's turquoise wool cape embroidered with a vine and trapunto-like grape border; and a heavy black wool with tab toggle closures, with a 1850s-1860s burnoose style fixed-in-place hood. A well worn men's black wool "country cape," not restricted by fashion and the survivor of long wear, features a large practical hood.

Watered silk cape, ca. 1865
Watered silk cape, ca. 1865Maine Historical Society
Two piece cape and shawl,  ca. 1855
Two piece cape and shawl, ca. 1855Maine Historical Society
Cape with burnoose hood, ca. 1865
Cape with burnoose hood, ca. 1865Maine Historical Society