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Pant suit by
Pant suit by "Crazy Horse," ca.1975
Maine Historical Society

As seen, sections of the collection remain to be enhanced with further examples filling in the Maine fashion story. This is certainly true of this section,1970-1980, which is still at an early stage of development. In due course items from this period will start to become available.

As the collection stands 1970-1980 is represented by an eclectic mix, but that is not inappropriate. No specific style emerged during this decade. It was more of a mix and match period retaining much of the 1960s with a superimposition of aspects of other periods, from the twenties and forties to "mods" and "hippies" melding into a scene where personal preferences prevailed over any dominant "in look." There were mini and maxi skirts, tailored pant suits and pants worn with any type of top. Items saved from college days may find their way into this collection.

The present assortment of teen or young women’s wear speaks of conservative style, rather than hippie and anti-establishment garb. There is a beige wool check pant suit with the long pointed collar of the time, and a short jacket labelled "Crazy Horse", and a wine and navy blue window pane check pant suit with cuffed pants and zip front closure jacket. A pair of hip hugging green denim bell bottom pants, which could have been worn with the hip length belted white vinyl pea or trench coat. There is a green and gold madras plaid cotton searsucker maxi skirt, and a white cotton pique skirt printed with an stylized design of navy, red, and green large bold poppies.